I am Sai Min Htet Oo aka Dede. I am a freelance street photographer based in New York, born in Myanmar also known as Burma.
I wasn't sure what I wanted to do when I grew up. I always love to take pictures and as I get older my passion for photography grows. So I started to capture the sincere people's expression, beautiful light, spaces, and whatever I see. Among them, I realized when I see people's expressions and communicating with each other in my photos, my heart knew what I love. It is Street Photography. So I started learning about a street photo from Youtube, google, books and I asked some of the people who know more information about it. Later on, I met Rammy Narula on Facebook.I asked so many questions about the street photo and he helped and taught me more about it. I truly thank him for the button of my heart for teaching me more about street photography.
First of all, I felt creepy taking photos of strangers without their permissions but after looking back at the pictures, I felt pleased with the results and all my fear went away. I am passionate about capturing moments instantaneously. I do believe the best moment never happens more than once and a good photo doesn't require any explanation. I love to let my images speak for themselves.
In 2017, one of my photos was selected as a finalist by the Miami Street Photography Festival for the very first time. That was my first and great achievement in life and I know the best is yet to come. After I became a finalist of MSPF, I decided to create a small community group to share about what is Street Photography is. I want to help all my friends from my home country who are truly passionate about street photography and don't know how to start. So I created  Street Photo Myanmar group on Facebook in November 2017. In that group, I have shared all my photos and I want to motivate others who are interested in street photography. To further improve my work, I went to street photography workshops from Maciej Dakowicz and Matt Stuart and I am still learning to take great pictures day by day.
See more of my work on Instagram @Saiminhtetoo

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